5 ways to leverage technology to improve your utility work management

Mark Moreau
Aug 31, 2019 1:47:00 PM

In the world of wet utilities, there are certain reports that always have to be filed, regulations and requirements that always have to be met, assets and processes that always have to be monitored and maintained – all of which makes the perfect case for automation. 

Processes that are repeatable, required, tightly defined, and routinely scheduled can benefit greatly from automation and a configurable utility work management software solution. 

What is utility work management? 

Utility work management uses automation software to help you improve workflows, data, reports, and inspections. In fact, here are five ways we’ve seen wet utilities benefit from technology to optimize their utility work management.   


5 ways technology can optimize your utility work management 

1. Manage vertical and linear assets

Manage facility or field assets to perform work and capture data. Understand condition-reducing reactive management. 

Precisely locate, work on, and report on linear assets. Do work alongside assets with real-time mapping. It’s easier for the operator and ensures you’re collecting real-time and quality data. Drill into vertical assets, equipment, subcomponents as granularly as you want. Define your own layers with ease to deliver efficiency for operations and highly specific data for your enterprise.

2. Monitor units

Create performance metrics on the fly for real-time insight into your operation. Continuously monitor assets, set thresholds, create alerts, gather insights. Make your instrumentation virtual without any coding needed on the back end. Pull all your data from sensors, machines, and people into one place in real-time with robust capabilities to adjust the measures the matter to you.

3. Process workflow management

Define consistent and controlled data quality across your organization or with contractors. Trigger automation and follow up based on operational events. Plan routes, assign work, instigate work orders, set alerts. Take whatever actions you want as defined by you.

4. Sample workflow

Automate your end-to-end process: what/when/where to collect. Digitize chain of custody, eliminate multiple handoffs, centralize lab data, and automatically publish chain of custody report for lab registration. Customize tests for samples taken. Receive and process lab results within the platform.

 5. Customize reports

Deploy customized reports regardless of where or from whom the data originated (control systems, machines, sensors, enterprise systems, or manual inspections). Automatically extract data from daily work to create and submit reports. Trigger alerts and other actions from non-compliance.


All this technology in one utility work management solution    

Even more remarkable than what technology can do for your wet utility is the fact that it can all be found in one place. An Enterprise Asset Management solution like Utility Cloud can automate workflows, track asset health, streamline reporting, and help utilities maintain compliance.

You can track, monitor, initiate, and manage work—as well as report and predict asset health—using real-time or manually-entered data. You’ll benefit from an operations management platform that includes CMMS and GIS capabilities. And be able to take advantage of an inspection workflow management solution deployed across distributed and plant assets. If you’re looking for a solution to help you automate your asset management, here are some of the things you should consider looking for.


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