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New Features! Dashboard Reports, Inventory Management, & More

Mike Boches
Jul 7, 2022 12:31:43 PM

Power BI Reporting

Utility Cloud is bringing modern analytics to utilities with Power BI’s powerful business intelligence reporting. This new functionality allows customers to access meaningful interactive reports and enables them to provide data back to their boards and governing bodies. Utility Cloud’s new reporting capabilities represent near-real-time data in a visual way.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily access a new set of standard reports or work with our team to build custom reports to meet the needs of your operation (depending on account level)
  • Obtain a holistic view of your data to help improve understanding and make better operational decisions
  • Drill down on specific accounts, asset classes, or types of work and share insights with your stakeholders

Inventory Management

Inventory management is here! Helping to ensure you know what you have and know what you need to maintain your critical infrastructure. Utility Cloud customers can now seamlessly manage inventory levels across multiple warehouses and track material quantities and costs consumed when completing work. This new feature will allow utilities to effectively manage supply chain challenges; they will have visibility into managing parts so they can reorder before supplies run out.

Key Benefits:

  • Track inventory across multiple warehouses to improve understanding of inventory levels and value
  • Easily configure inventory fields on any workflow so operators can enter material quantities consumed while completing work
  • Automatically deduct inventory quantities from the appropriate warehouse and add material costs to work events
  • Receive low stock alerts and date-based reminders for reorders
  • Stay up to date on stock levels and inventory value or create custom dashboards for other reporting needs


More newly released enhancements

Child Asset Triggers

This enhancement benefits users managing vertical assets and in general, allows for greater flexibility in the workflow configuration. Users can now configure triggers to update attributes or create work orders on child assets. This can be a fixed asset defined in the trigger configuration or a dynamic asset selected from the workflow. Using asset fields in the workflow, users dynamically select which asset they would like to update while completing work.


Daily Esri Sync

Users can now select a Daily interval on their ESRI Sync configuration. This enhancement allows users to ensure they are working with more up-to-date data within Esri or Utility Cloud.


Contact our Professional Services team to learn more if you are interested in setting up any of these new features on your account. 

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