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Simplifying IoT: OPC + Maintenance + Compliance

Mark Moreau
Mar 5, 2021 10:50:17 AM

The Challenge.

You want to make better use of your machine data, but how? If you are like most operations, you hold data siloes: some of your machine data may be monitored in the control room, your maintenance and work data sits in its own platform, your compliance data in another, and when it comes time for compliance / capital planning / operational analysis - it's a task to pull the data, correlate it, clean it, etc. It doesn't need to be this way.


The Answer.

With Utility Cloud, our goal is to centralize and simplify your operational data, where it can be actioned as needed. With Utility Cloud, we collect and formulate data from humans, machines, and other technology in your organization for the purposes of triggering actions (like work orders, alerts, etc.) and reports built around the needs of your organization.


Specifically, today we are excited to introduce Utility Cloud's New OPC Machine Interface:


We are proud to announce our newest machine connect interface supporting OPC. The new interface is integrated with both our on-premise and cloud-based machine connect platforms and enables Utility Cloud customers to connect any OPC compliant device: instrumentation, controllers, concentrators - both in traditional control systems and cloud-based SCADA HMI platforms like Mission Controls.


Just as with all the interface options for our Machine Connect technology, customers may define what data to collect, how often, and from what devices remotely from the Utility Cloud platform. For example, if our customer would like to add a new data point to the existing data collection, they may simply login to Utility Cloud and update its configuration to include the new data point and Machine Connect will react accordingly without having to do any work at the site where Machine Connect is already running.


Data collected by Machine Connect flows through the same workflow automation as workflows designed to process any other data source collected by Utility Cloud (like an operational round that records data). This means the same automation, triggers, and other workflow options used to action the collected data also applies. For example, assume we would like to monitor a differential pressure value across a filter and when the pressure exceeds a setpoint, we would like to automatically create a work order to clean or replace the filter. No problem. Simply setup the trigger the same way you do for any other workflow in Utility Cloud and work orders will now be created when the limit is reached.


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