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Case Studies & Testimonials

See how water industry professionals use Utility Cloud's Enterprise Asset Management solution to tackle their biggest reporting, compliance and operational challenges.

Steve Gregoire
Steve Gregoire

Manager, Southbridge

"We reviewed at least six software solutions. We went with Utility Cloud because it’s specifically tailored for water systems. Most of the asset management programs out there can be customized for what you need, but Utility Cloud is already made for water and wastewater utilities."

Andy Crawford
Andy Crawford

O&M Asset Management Services Manager, Woodard & Curran

"The real ROI is in the time we save in the management of data. Before we only had one person that could work on a map. Now we can increase our service by allowing field operators to map and enter data themselves, then join our operational data and do analytics. That increase in service is what we really appreciate."


Testimonial | Compliance

Town of Cary

The Town of Cary's restaurant industry has been seeing steady growth—and an increasing amount of non-compliance violations across their Fats, Oils, & Grease program. With the help of Utility Cloud, they were able to reduce non-compliance, improve the efficiency of inspections, fill in gaps in customer data, and make complex administrative data processes more streamlined.


Testimonial | Wastewater

Central States Water Resources

Central States Water Resources (CSWR) provides water and wastewater management facilities for underserved communities in the middle of the country. CSWR uses Utility Cloud to assign and manage work for various contractors, ensure maintenance is complete and reported on for regulatory compliance.



Cover__Woodard and Curran-min

Testimonial | White Label

Woodard & Curran

Woodard & Curran is a leading water and environmental engineering firm that helps cities and companies all across the country with water and wastewater compliance. With 350 personnel across 50 projects, they needed a mapping solution to help their field contractors precisely locate, perform maintenance, and report on linear and vertical assets.

Southbridge Utility Cloud

Testimonial | Water & Wastewater


The Town of Southbridge Department of Public Works serves a community of 15K people, managing its own water distribution, collection, and treatment infrastructure. During that time, they’ve relied on Utility Cloud for managing preventive maintenance and testing programs, assisting with record keeping and streamlining administrative processes by up to 30%.

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Testimonial | Water & Wastewater

Salisbury Rowan Utilities

Salisbury Rowan Utilities provides quality water and wastewater services to residential and business customers in North Carolina. With a mission to protect the environment and promote public health, Utility Cloud has helped them reduce the number of customers who are not in compliance.



UC Landing Page Graphic -Robeson Case Study copy 2

Testimonial | Water & Wastewater

Robeson Water

Robeson County is the largest county in North Carolina, and provides an array of services to over 35 towns and cities. One of the key responsibilities of Robeson County’s Water Department is to provide quality water and waste water services through maintaining 13 well sites and one waste water treatment plant.



Testimonial | Water

Town of Orleans

Nothing beats experience. But what happens when the people with that experience retire and take vast amounts of institutional knowledge with them?

That was the challenge facing Sue Brown, Assistant Superintendent of the Orleans (MA) Water Department, and why she turned to Utility Cloud’s asset management solution.


Testimonial | Power


Uniper, one of the largest power generators and distributors of energy in Europe, teamed up with Utility Cloud to deploy a comprehensive operations management workflow solution.




Shrewsbury Stormwater Operations Management Case Study

Testimonial | Water


Shrewsbury dramatically reduced data exchanges to trigger catch basin workflows and increased their outfall inspection capacity.





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