Testimonial - Central States Water Resources

"For us, Utility Cloud is the perfect catch-all. We can do mapping and survey information. We can view and store data. We have a work order system. That’s like everything you need in a system for operating a wastewater facility or water treatment plant." 

Kaleb Stephens, Environmental Health and Safety Auditor

Central States Water Resources uses Utility Cloud to manage assets, distribute work and maintain regulatory compliance

Most large cities have water or public works departments to take care of their water and wastewater needs. But what about smaller communities without the resources for that kind of infrastructure? That’s where CSWR comes in. Central States Water Resources (CSWR) provides water and wastewater management facilities for underserved communities in the middle of the country. The key to their efficient maintenance efforts is Utility Cloud.

CSWR uses Utility Cloud to assign and manage work for contractors, ensure proper maintenance is complete – and reported on – for regulatory compliance.

asset management made for the water industry

Highly-configurable, easy-to-use asset management that helps you distribute work, report on maintenance, and streamline compliance reports.

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