Testimonial - Woodard & Curran

“It’s been a great tool for field staff because it's very intuitive. It's super simple. It's a great user interface that’s very easy to explain. It's point-and-click. Building forms is super easy. It’s scalable. People take to it.”

- Andy Crawford, O&M Asset Management Services Manager

Woodard and Curran uses Utility Cloud to map, manage and report on assets

Woodard & Curran is a leading water and environmental engineering firm that helps cities and companies all across the country with water and wastewater compliance. With 350 personnel across 50 projects, they needed a mapping solution for field contractors to precisely locate, perform maintenance, and report on linear and vertical assets.

See why Woodard & Curran uses Utility Cloud for mapping, work order management, maintenance and reporting. 

asset management made for the water industry

Highly-configurable, easy-to-use asset management that helps you distribute work, report on maintenance, and streamline compliance reports.

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