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Deploy an industry-leading CMOM program

Prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs), maintain your sewer main and catch basin infrastructure, and prioritize work based on condition.

Catch Basin Cleaning | Utility Cloud

Powerful CMOM software for managing complex underground infrastructure

Sewer main maintenance

Cities spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars every year cleaning sewer mains. This process typically involves time-based scheduling of CCTV camera work and cleanings to avoid SSOs. Cleaning too frequently is not only inefficient, but can also increase wear on your infrastructure. On the other hand, not cleaning regularly can lead to SSOs.

Catch basin cleaning

Clogged catch basins are frequently cleaned on a regular schedule – or by emergency – not based on actual need. Contractors are often incentivized by volume of cleaning, which leads to wasted effort and resources. MS4 mandates that no catch basin should exceed 50% capacity.

Prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and optimize maintenance spend

Solve the issue of condition-based and predictive collection system maintenance. Leverage asset data to determine the condition of your catch basins and sewer mains. Build an optimized schedule for maintenance and prioritize work while staying in compliance.

CMOM Program - Optimize Spending

Optimize your cleaning spend

Calculate condition ratings on pipes so you know exactly where to focus your crews’ time and efforts

CMOM Program - Sewer Capacity Management-1

Get real-time visibility into Sewer Capacity

Store CCTV data to pipe segments to trend visual images over time

CMOM Program - Catch Basin Cleaning Data

Make predictive, data-based decisions

Prioritize the right actions for sewer and catch-basin maintenance and cleanings: replace, repair, clean, or leave alone

CMOM Program - Sewer Capacity Management-2

Level-up your capital planning

Build a capital plan with comprehensive condition data you didn’t have before

The solution for reducing your sewer maintenance costs


In some cases, Utility Cloud’s CMOM software has cut both maintenance costs and SSO volume by 50% through predictive maintenance scheduling, while remaining compliant with CMOM best practices. Sewer and catch basin maintenance should be based on real data, not arbitrarily scheduled intervals. Utility Cloud gives your operations and contractors a mechanism to prioritize by condition. 

Utility Cloud can connect to sensors in your pipes to monitor flow data or capture inspection data from the field – both informing an optimal schedule and asset management plan.

See real-time network capacity for your entire system

Collect important data for determining network capacity at different demand periods. Immediately use the data for capital planning.

CMOM - Catch Basin Cleaning Software

Automatically calculate your compliance levels from collected data

Use your captured data to calculate your compliance levels. If the level of debris in a catch basin doesn’t meet compliance standards, Utility Cloud will automatically schedule a maintenance work order – so you don't need to worry about letting things slip through the cracks. 

CMOM - Compliance and maintenance work order software

Create recurring or one-time routes and assign priority

Develop routes and assign priority, inspection criteria and special instructions. Attach any asset to your route. Deploy one-time routes or set them to recur at specific intervals.

CMOM - Catch basin work order routes

Real-time work order progression tracking

Track work completion in real-time as percent progression or trend the results of specific work orders.

CMOM - Real time work order tracking

Bring your CMOM program up-to-date

Upgrade to a cutting-edge CMOM program and see how to monitor your underground infrastructure, create work orders that matter.

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