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Cross connection control and backflow prevention

Successfully prevent backflows with a cross connection control program, the best way to produce and deliver safe water to the public

Water Backflow Prevention | Utility Cloud

Manage cross connection inspections

Cross connection inspections can become unmanageable due to the number, types of devices and regulations that must be met. Without a proactive program and as a result of uncontrolled cross connections and backflows, drinking water systems can become polluted or contaminated in the distribution system, causing waterborne illnesses.

Implement an effective cross connection control program

Backflow Prevention

Prevent backflows, pollution and contamination

Improperly protected cross connections can lead to backflows, allowing contaminates to reverse flow back into the drinking water piping.

Cross Connection Control - GIS

Report data to the back office in real-time

Use geospatial technology both in the field and in the plant. Schedule and report in real-time based on outcomes of inspections for a full backflow solution.

Backflow prevention - Invoicing

Streamline inquiry through invoice process

For service firms performing cross connection tests, save time across the entire dispatch, survey, report generation, and invoicing processes. 

How it works


Survey cross-connections

Utility Cloud gives inspectors the ability to survey cross-connections across any standard or backflow device.

Water Backflow Prevention | Utility Cloud-1

Dispatch workers

Based on the inquiry or scheduled event, Utility Cloud dispatches field crews to the appropriate location.

Cross Connection Control - Dispatch Workers | Utility Cloud

Collect data wherever you need it

Data collection forms can be configured to any range of survey requirements. Utility Cloud works on any kind of device, anywhere – even without an internet connection. 

Cross Connection Control - Forms | Utility Cloud

Automated reporting

With robust reporting capabilities, Utility Cloud delivers completed reports for any stakeholder upon completion of work.

Utility Compliance Reporting - automated reporting | Utility Cloud

Improve your cross connection control and backflow prevention

Coordinate all the moving pieces of a cross connection program and report required data back to the utility on our easy to use platform. 

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