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Manage pipeline integrity with an automated leak detection program

Keep your communities and crews safe with an industry-leading and field-friendly pipeline integrity program.

Water Backflow Prevention | Utility Cloud-1

Gas leaks and corrosion control surveys

Investigating potential leaks found while completing a gas leak survey is crucial in order to keep the public safe and ensure compliance. Gas leaks and corrosion control surveys should be performed regularly to ensure gas lines are in good condition as a preventative maintenance measure. Utility Cloud offers a visual leak survey walk route with pipeline data, real-time pinpoints, and breakdown survey routes into different zones.

Pipeline Integrity Management - Data | Utility Cloud-01

Eliminate paper and lost documents

Store historical leak survey information for future reference while eliminating paperwork and lost documents for more accurate data. Access it from any device, anywhere.

Cross Connection Control - GIS

Identify issues fast and early

Virtual asset mapping makes potential problem areas within the gas line distribution system easily identifiable, allowing management to make educated decisions for capital improvement projects.

Unidirectional Flushing - Team Work

Keep the public safe and stay compliant

With Utility Cloud, when a gas leak is detected an automatic gas leak investigation and/or repair is triggered to ensure public safety and compliance.

How it works


Real-time visibility into linear asset route completion

As operators complete linear asset routes and complete inspection reports in Utility cloud inspection spots are ‘completed’ in real-time on the route map.

Pipeline Integrity Management - Linear Routes | Utility Cloud

Set proximity verification parameters and automate work orders

Set custom proximity verification parameters and success metrics to limit work completion within a certain distance from each inspection marker. Operators can trigger additional work or notifications based on their inspection data. Field crews are dispatched for work based on predefined inspection requirements

Pipeline Integrity Management - Proximity Verification | Utility Cloud

Drop work-order markers on problem areas 

As issues are encountered, particularly odor measurement, field operators can drop pins and initiate follow-on work against the precise points on problem assets

Pipeline Integrity - Work Orders | Utility Cloud

Automatically generate and reference reports

Operators can reference past compliance reports as they complete work, and automatically generate compliance and operational reports reports using the data collected on inspection routes.

Pipeline Integrity Management - Compliance Reports | Utility Cloud

Get your Pipeline Integrity management program under control

See how it would look to deploy pipeline inspection that automates your most time-consuming tasks and actually makes your customers happy.

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