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Create powerful digital SOPs for drinking water and wastewater plants

Digitize your O&M playbook and keep all of your SOPs, drawings, equipment information, warrantees, safety protocols, and compliance requirements in one place

SOP for Water Treatment Plant _ Utility Cloud

The old way of doing things

Your O&M manual usually ends up on the shelf collecting dust. Further - your plant and SOPs change regularly. Finally - how much key knowledge is tied up in your key folks? And, what if those folks are retiring?

Our goal is to eliminate these challenges: digitize your entire operation, from your warrantee information to alarms and alerts, key sequential processes, rounds and schedules, and more.

Make your plant more efficient with a digital SOP

SOP for Sewage Treatment Plant - Team Safety

Help your team stay safe

Capture safety incidents, digitize your O&M manual, mitigate OSHA violations, and keep updated MSDS

SOP for Wastewater Treatment Plant - Onboarding

Future-proof your plant

Simplify onboarding for new team members or contractors with robust, step-by-step workflows and procedures

SOP for Sewage Treatment Plant - Knowledge Capture

Capture your team’s industry knowledge

Capture and record specialized knowledge on asset maintenance, compliance and data requirements

SOP for Water Treatment Plant - Schematics

Consolidate your schematics

Consolidate your schematics and locating capabilities inside – digitizing your plant footprint in either 2D or 3D

Digitize plant layouts, SOPs, manuals & more


Utility Cloud puts controls on operator error and supports an ongoing knowledge base across your entire operation.

Create a 2D or 3D visual model of your plant and asset data

Manage your plant on the same map as your distributed assets. Create as many drill-down layers and assets for your plant as you need. See historical work history, component information, warranty data, images and operational data for each asset. Build your model with simple imports for images and matterport files.

1 - Create a 2D or 3D visual model of your plant and asset data

Connect sensors and view real-time machine data

Connect sensor and machine data to a time-series platform, allowing operations to set new operational KPIs on the fly, trend data, and become alerted to exceedances, giving additional reporting and visibility beyond SCADA or your data historian.

SOP for Water Treatment - Connect to Sensors | Utility Cloud

Manage spaces and conduct work in 2D or 3D

Utility Cloud can manage indoor spaces in either 3D or 2D – with a simple process of importing images and matterport files

3 - Manage spaces and conduct work in 2D or 3D

Record operational data directly within your plant SOP

4 - Record operational data directly within your plant SOP

Upgrade your O&M Manual

Automate alerts, standardize workflows, and manage plant data across multiple assets.

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