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Stay compliant with automated sampling and reporting

Utility Cloud's sampling and compliance reporting workflows use the field data your team collects to auto-generate and publish any kind of report you need, including industry standard reports such as DMRs, MORs, and CCRs, MS4, LCR, and more.

Simple utility compliance reporting

Reduce errors from manual data recording and entry. Simplify compliance tasks in the field – from sample collection to chain of custody and report generation.

End regulatory headaches from sampling and reporting


Utility Compliance Reports - Collection Requirements - Electronic Reporting

Manage sample scheduling dispatch and collection requirements

Utility Cloud manages sample scheduling and dispatching with precise proximity verification to ensure that the sample is collected from the exact spot it’s needed and that appropriate additional metadata is captured.

Utility Compliance Reports - Chain of Custody

Gain chain of custody visibility

With a complete audit trail on sample activity, Utility Cloud gives you ultimate visibility into the life of a sample so you can effectively and properly manage the chain of custody.

Utility Compliance Reports - LIMS Integration

Integrate with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Integrate sample results from LIMS with Utility Cloud to report results and analyses to you and avoid errors in your sampling reporting processes.

Utility Compliance Reports - Collection Requirements

Create fast, accurate compliance reports

With pre-populated reports, you can complete reporting requirements at the click of a button. In many cases, we also integrate with the regulator to submit reports electronically.

How it works


Schedule sampling routes manually or automatically

Schedule sample routes on an individual, recurring or predetermined basis. Integrate with real-time asset data to trigger sample routes based on asset condition. 

Utility Compliance and Sampling - Sampling Routes

Ensure accurate data collection and proper chain of custody

After taking a sample, technicians can scan the sampling bottle, which begins the chain of custody that details exactly where the sample was taken. Precise proximity verification ensures samples are collected from the exact spot they’re needed from, and that appropriate additional metadata is captured on the sample.

Utility Compliance and Sampling - Data Collection and Chain of Custody

Complete custom work orders in the field

Technicians can be prompted to fill out additional custom information about the sample to be sent to the lab. Notices can be programmed to alert the technician of excesses to ensure accurate data reporting. 

Utility Compliance and Sampling - Work Orders

Submit, store and report on field data

Via manual entry, or a direct integration to the lab, data gets stored back to the sample. Auto populate reports with your field data at the tap of a button. In many cases, Utility Cloud integrates with regulatory authorities to automatically submit your reports electronically.

Utility Compliance Software - Data Reporting | Utility Cloud

Format any kind of report


Utility Cloud supports any type of report you need. New regulations are introduced every year – make sure you’re ready as soon as they land.


National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System


Ground Water Rule


Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System


Total Coliform Rule


Surface Water Treatment Rule


Storm Water Management Program


Industrial Pretreatment Program


Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure inspection


Discharge Monitoring Report


Monthly Operating Reports


Lead and Copper Rule


Disinfection Byproduct Rule

Stop risking compliance violations

Save time on compliance reporting, take control of your inspection data and create full audit trails across your entire utility

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