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Live Skills Series

Live sessions led by water and wastewater industry experts. Learn real, tangible, skills you can start using in your daily operations today. Sessions will include professional development training credits to participants. Our goal is to provide you exclusive access to tips, approaches, templates and more from skilled utility industry experts – completely free. 

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Session schedule

September 22 @10 AM ET
New Hampshire: Asset Management Funding Mini-Series:
New Hampshire Funding Strategies
How to utilize state grant funding to enhance the quality of your asset management plan.
October 13 @11 AM ET
National: Asset Management Funding Mini-Series:
Getting Your Program Funded
Strategies for getting your Asset Management Program funded.

Upcoming Sessions

Asset Management Funding Mini-Series New Hampshire Funding Strategies

New Hampshire Funding Strategies

New Hampshire: Asset Management Funding Mini-Series

In this session, you will learn from NH DES experts on how to utilize state grant funding to enhance the quality of your asset management plan.















Asset Management Funding Mini-Series Getting your program funded

Getting your program funded

National: Asset Management Funding Mini-Series

In this session, you will hear from leading grant funding experts on strategies for getting your Asset Management Program funded: from grant funding to making the case in your budget. This session applies nationally to any water or wastewater organization.












On Demand Sessions

Utility Cloud - Skills Series - Session 6 1576x826px

Implementing a Leading Cross Connection Control Program

Session 6

In this session you will learn:

  • The types of backflow contamination risks – situations and risks.
  • Best practices in running an effective cross connection program.
  • Implementing appropriate technologies and workflows to manage backflow risk.













Utility Cloud - Skills Series - Session 6 1576x826px

Managing a Best-in-Class FOG and Pretreatment Program

Session 5

n this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Engage SIUs and FSEs to participate in programs
  • Quantify risks of ‘what’s coming into your plant’
  • Simplify administrative tasks via quality controlled data and process





Utility Cloud - Skills Series - Session 4

Non-revenue water


Session 4

In this session you can expect to develop a deeper understanding of how to:

  • Streamline water usage compliance reporting.
  • Identify the 'size of the problem' - how much of your produced water is not being billed?
  • Develop a business case for a non-revenue water study and future capital improvements.

We will also share everything we know about capturing non-revenue water data, with recommendations for steps you can take today, regardless of where you are in your NRW journey.


Utility Cloud - Skills Series - A water utilitys guide to lead and copper rule (1)

Lead and copper rule

Session 3

We're joined by drinking water expert, Megan Glover, to get expert advice for helping your utility stay ahead of the Lead and Copper Rule. You'll walk away with actionable advice to add to your playbook so you can plan, execute, measure and manage a successful Lead and Copper program for your utility. In this session, we'll answer questions like:

  1. How do I create an actionable LCR program plan?
  2. What are the requirements for program execution?
  3. How do I get support from stakeholders?


Ask an Expert - Asset Management Best Practices_Ask an Expert- Marius Basson

Asset Management best practices

Session 2

We're joined by Marius Basson, Jeffrey Sanford, and Kristopher Hahn from Aladon – a global community of risk and reliability experts. In this session, we answer questions like:

  1. What is Reliability-Centered Maintenance and why is it important?
  2. What questions should you answer in order to build an effective asset management plan?
  3. How do get started with asset management? Where do you focus first?







Skills Session 1: Unidirectional Flushing

Unidirectional Flushing Programs

Session 1

UDF programs shouldn't be intimidating. From asset management to communicating to customers – learn the process of configuring a best in class UDF program in 5 easy steps. Includes two checklists, a velocity calculator, communications template and flushing worksheet.


























About Utility Cloud's free Skill Series

Real, actionable tips to help utilities operate more efficiently. Topics span the entire water cycle – from automating DMR reporting, implementing lead and copper programs, to managing FOG, and much more.

Our Skill Series was born from a desire to answer to the most popular operational questions our customers have – free. We decided to bring industry experts together to document their ideas and create resources to help utility professionals operate more efficiently.

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