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Utility Cloud Skills Series Webinar

Asset Management Funding Mini-Series: Getting Your Program Funded

Many organizations would benefit greatly from an Asset Management Program and want to get one started, but the funding just isn't there. This Asset Management funding mini-series will help you find the necessary funding to get your program off the ground.

In this session, you will hear from leading grant funding experts on strategies for getting your Asset Management Program funded: from grant funding to making the case in your budget.

This session applies nationally to any water or wastewater organization.

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Glenn Barnes

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Glenn Barnes

Glenn Barnes is the founder and director of Water Finance Assistance.  For the last 15 years, Glenn has used data analysis to help utilities make smarter decisions around rates, affordability, long term planning, staffing, and emergency preparedness.​  Glenn works directly with utilities, provides trainings for water professionals, and is a frequent presenter at regional and national conferences.

About Utility Cloud's free Skill Series

Real, actionable tips to help utilities operate more efficiently. Topics span the entire water cycle – from automating DMR reporting, implementing lead and copper programs, to managing FOG, and much more.

Our Skill Series was born from a desire to answer to the most popular operational questions our customers have – free. We decided to bring industry experts together to document their ideas and create resources to help utility professionals operate more efficiently.

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