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Utility Cloud Skills Series Webinar

Session 6:
Implementing a Leading Cross Connection Control Program

with Steve Fox; President, American Backflow Prevention Association, Carolinas Chapter

In this session you will learn:

  • The types of backflow contamination risks – situations and risks.
  • Best practices in running an effective cross connection program.
  • Implementing appropriate technologies and workflows to manage backflow risk.
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Cross Connection Control Expert, Steve Fox

President, American Backflow Prevention Association, Carolinas Chapter

Steve Fox

Steve has over twenty five years’ experience in water and wastewater operations management and over ten years’ experience dedicated to cross-connection control training and program management. His current position is the President, American Backflow Prevention Association, Carolinas Chapter. Prior to working with the American Backflow Prevention Association, Steve was an Account Manager & Training Coordinator for HydroCorp™. This firm was an industry leader in Cross-Connection Control Program Management. Through his many years in the industry, Steve has earned instructor certifications through ASSE and the UFTREEO center as well as many backflow certifications with ASSE, UFTREEO, Virginia DPOR, MassDEP and recently was awarded his ICC Commercial Plumbing Inspector certification.

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