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Utility Cloud Skills Series Webinar

Session 5:
Managing a Best-in-Class FOG and Pretreatment Program

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Engage SIUs and FSEs to participate in programs
  • Quantify risks of ‘what’s coming into your plant’
  • Simplify administrative tasks via quality controlled data and process
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Maria Vanderloop

Utility Pretreatment Program Supervisor

Maria Vanderloop

Maria is the Utility Pretreatment Program Supervisor for the Town of Cary. She is responsible for the overall operation of the Pretreatment Program and has 20 years of technical and administrative experience in the wastewater field.

About Utility Cloud's free Skill Series

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Our Skill Series was born from a desire to answer to the most popular operational questions our customers have – free. We decided to bring industry experts together to document their ideas and create resources to help utility professionals operate more efficiently.

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