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Utility Cloud Skills Series Webinar

Session 4:
Simplifying Non-Revenue Water

with Utility Cloud, Muni-Link, and Water Systems Optimization

Objectives - in this session you can expect to develop a deeper understanding of how to:

  • Streamline water usage compliance reporting.
  • Appreciate how your data systems can inform water loss assessments.
  • Learn how to calculate the 'size of the problem' - how much of your produced water is not being billed?
  • Identify data improvements that may improve your water loss monitoring efforts.
  • Develop a business case for a non-revenue water study and future capital improvements.
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Questions you'll answer

We are sharing everything we know about capturing non-revenue water data, with recommendations for steps you can take today, regardless of where you are in your NRW journey.


Why is it important to solve this problem?

We will explore the economic and environmental impacts of water loss.


Where do I start?

Whether you already know your water loss to the gallon or you have no idea of 'your number', we will help you think through the next step in your journey.


How can I address the problem with limited budget and people?

Our session will focus on practical advice - in other words, we will focus on the 80 / 20: what focused action can I take today that will make an impact?


Water Loss Expert, Kate Gasner

Kate G
Vice President - WSO

Kate Gasner

Kate Gasner is Vice President at WSO working on water loss management projects throughout California and the US. Kate specializes in all aspects of water loss work, from the preparation of a standard AWWA water audit and component analysis of real losses, to meter testing, flow and pressure data collection and analysis, detailed billing data analysis, and leakage modeling. Kate manages WSO’s work with some of the largest utilities in the country, guiding agencies like the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, San Antonio Water System, and California Water Service in developing their water loss management strategies. 

Beyond directly working with clients, Kate can also be found teaching at workshops throughout the country and contributing to water loss research. Kate is a long-standing member of the AWWA Water Loss Control Committee and has taken a lead in the development group within the Software Subcommittee. Kate is also a member of the California Water Loss Control Committee and the California Water Audit Validator Certificate Committee.

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