Free Webinar: Skills Session - How to design efficient unidirectional flushing programs
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Design an efficient, cost-effective flushing program

Whether you're starting from scratch or upgrading your existing program, it shouldn't be complicated. Learn the steps and sequence to planning and executing an airtight unidirectional flushing program from industry experts.

Free Unidirectional flushing program kit

  • 1 hour video tutorial
  • Presentation slides
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Asset Management survey worksheet
  • Flushing communications template
  • Manual flushing worksheet

What's inside


Video icon

1-hour walkthrough

Recording of the live session where our UDF experts explain the steps to audit, build, and measure your UDF program.

Unidirectional Flushing Asset Management Survey Worksheet | Utility Cloud

Asset Management Survey Workbook

Survey your existing asset health, calculate risk ratings & condition scores to help with capital planning. 


Flushing notice example 

Sample public notice with best practices for communicating flushing programs to community members.

Unidirectional Flushing Guide | Utility Cloud

Step-by-step guide

From planning to execution and refinement – we broke the process down into simple sequential steps. You just need to check the boxes.


Manual flushing worksheet

Capture the right data during your flushing rounds with this simple template designed for manual programs. 

Questions you'll answer

Unidirectional Flushing Assessment Strategies | Utility Cloud

Assessment strategies

“How do I know if my current UDF plan is effective?"
Unidirectional Flushing Plan Development | Utility Cloud

Plan development

“What do I need to know before upgrading my UDF program?”
Unidirectional Flushing Analytics | Utility Cloud

Upgrades and measurement

“How do I optimize my plan and show success?"

Created by industry-leading hydrant flushing experts

Our team of UDF experts will dive into some of the major pain points faced by water utilities today and simple strategies for addressing them

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Real, actionable tips to help utilities operate more efficiently. Topics span the entire water cycle – from automating DMR reporting, implementing lead and copper programs, to managing FOG, and much more.

Our Skill Series was born from a desire to answer the most popular questions our customers for free. Instead of building answers for a few, we decided to bring industry experts together to document their ideas and create resources that help utilities be more efficient.

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