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A utility's guide to staying ahead of the Lead and Copper Rule

In this session, we spoke with quality expert Megan Glover about:

  • Changes to the LCR rule and what they mean for utilities
  • How to execute and manage a sampling program
  • The first step to introducing an LCR program
  • What to do if you have known lead issues
  • How to prepare your utility for inevitable LCR investments
  • Knowing when to introduce a dedicated lead management team
  • What a bet-in-class LCR communications program looks like
  • How improved water quality creates opportunities for more revenue

Water quality & Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) Expert 

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Megan Glover - 120 Water
Co-founder & CEO

Megan Glover

Megan Glover is the CEO and cofounder of 120Water, an industry-leading cloud-based water testing software platform born out of the Flint water crisis. Professionals across the country rely on 120Water to streamline and modernize their most complex drinking water initiatives. The platform consists of sample & filter kits, cloud-based software, and services used to manage and execute water programs at scale and saves operational resources. 120Water solutions are used in 180,000 sample sites across the United States.

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