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Stormwater Management | Utility Cloud-1

Sewer & Stormwater Asset Management

Reduce SSOs, improve water quality, stay in compliance with MS4 and manage your underground infrastructure.

Software solutions for the sewer and storm industry’s biggest asset management challenges

Compliance reporting

Use monitor, sensor and field data to auto-generate and publish any kind of report.

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Catch-basin cleaning and maintenance

Prioritize catch-basin cleaning and maintenance based on actual need.

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Sewer main inspections & maintenance

Tap into CCTV data and get real-time visibility into sewer capacity.

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CMOM Program Management

Prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and maintain your sewer main and catch basin infrastructure.

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Make your team more efficient

Using Utility Cloud for our catch basin preventive maintenance program has markedly improved efficiency and allows management to focus on more critical procedural improvements.

Boston Water and Sewer Commission Logo

John Lopes
Project Director
Boston Water and Sewer Commission

Our client typically spent 60 hours per month managing the Stormwater BMP inspection process with a paper-based system, with Utility Cloud it only takes 30 minutes per week to review inspections and about 30 minutes to review reports at the end of each month.

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David McDonnell
Carolina Land Consultants

Manage your underground infrastructure and prevent catastrophic failures


Non revenue water work orders

Top-grade your CMOM program

Put in place a predictive and condition-based schedule for maintaining your catch basins and sewer mains – leverage collected field data to identify your high risk areas and report against these to build an effective capital plan.

Utility Compliance Reports - Collection Requirements

Automate MS4 and other reporting requirements

Stay ahead of compliance – complete reports on autopilot while staying alert of exceedances or issues ahead of schedule – we simplify even the most complex compliance requirements, including tackling the challenges of sampling workflow.

Hydrant Maintenance - Modelling

Simplify administrative tasks

Any compliance report, operational round, work order, sampling exercise, or other operational task that is being managed on paper or in excel is taking you too much time and is prone to error – let us help transition you to our operations platform to keep you organized and efficient.

Unidirectional Flushing - Team Work

Prevent storm damage and manage flood risks

Control the volume and velocity of stormwater, runoff and groundwater recharge to mitigate risk, eliminate erosion, and promote a better ecosystem.

Need help solving your stormwater challenges?

Stormwater management requirements and best practices are complex and evolving. Bring us your biggest stormwater challenge and we’ll show you how to solve it with Utility Cloud.

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