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Manage complex hydrant maintenance programs from a single screen

Coordinate multiple crew routes in real-time, use predictive maintenance to avoid hydrant failure, improve water quality and stay compliant – all from your tablet or computer.

Hydrant Maintenance Software | Utility Cloud copy

Unidirectional flushing and hydrant maintenance

Flushing programs are complex for field crews to coordinate. They require complex sequential coordination among crews. They work across the entire network with process disruptions and need timely cooperation from multiple crews.

Water mains need to be flushed to extend their useful life – whether by conventional or unidirectional flushing methods. Proper flushing helps your distribution system stay compliant, reduce consumer complaints, improve water quality, remove bacterial growth, sediments, and biofilms, restore flows and pressures, and identify missing/broken valves/hydrants.

Install an effective, practical flushing program

Unidirectional Flushing - Team Work

Work across teams

Coordinate activities in real-time across teams with sequential work models. Alert decision-makers to perform action at the right step in the process

Hydrant Maintenance Program - Automated Data Handoff

Avoid manual information handoffs

Record every detail of your progress so an entirely new field crew can pick up exactly where yesterday’s left off

Hydrant Maintenance - Modelling

Model your entire program in advance

Log up-to-date and accurate valve/hydrant information. Use GIS modeling to plan your entire flushing program from start to finish

Undirectional Flushing - Velocity Targets

Execute with precise advanced controls

Eliminate the guesswork by using Utility Cloud to establish velocity targets and maintain optimal water pressure

How it works


A modern software solution for Unidirectional Flushing and Hydrant Maintenance

Real-time collaboration between multiple crews

Utility Cloud gives  crews the ability to work through flushing sequences collaboratively. One crew can perform work while the other moves to the next step in a zone. As soon as work is complete, the next sequenced asset can be exercised.

Hydrant Maintenance Software - Real-time collaboration between crews

Step-by-step instructions and custom data fields remove room for error

When work gets interrupted, the queue remains in sequence. Closed valves will stay on the map and can be picked up the next day. Step by step instructions (or additional metadata to collect) can be added to any asset on a route.

Unidirectional Flushing software - step-by-step instructions and custom data fields

Build and edit sequences quickly via Excel

Administer quick UDF programs by uploading Excel files with sequence data. Editing your UDF program is as easy as editing cell data and reimporting the file into Utility Cloud.

Unidirectional flushing software - Build and edit hydrant maintenance sequences in Excel

Simplify your hydrant maintenance and unidirectional flushing programs

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