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Vegetation Management

Mitigate significant risk factors like vegetation overgrowth with an Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) program

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Traditional approach to vegetation management

Vegetation management has to occur along power lines in order to minimize risks, meet safety regulations, better serve customers, and avoid unnecessary costs to utilities. Using traditional methods and manually inspecting each power line one by one takes time and often leaves at-risk power lines unidentified, causing power outages and fires and more. IVM programs protect electric reliability and public safety by minimizing threats like trees and other vegetation to power lines.

Automate planning, dispatch, and reporting of vegetation management

Hydrant Maintenance Program - Automated Data Handoff

“Walk the line” with pinpoint accuracy

Allow operators to inspect power lines and pipelines by simply walking along them. With progress tracked based on proximity verification, inspections are made intuitively and verify the work was performed properly.

Backflow Prevention

Automate follow-up on work

By merely dropping a pin, users can indicate where additional work is needed and capture and auto generate subsequent crews to dispatch to the precise location that maintenance is required.

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Optimize your plan over time

Drones, citizens or simple drivebys can be used to detect and inform where trimmings need to occur. Your IVM program gets smarter over time, driving down costs while reducing reliability risks.

Manage inspections in real-time


As operators complete inspection routes, Utility Cloud will log progress and use proximity verification to ensure compliance and proper completion.

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Vegetation Management Software - Real-time | Utility Cloud

Transform your vegetation management

Managing an Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) program is critical to mitigating these risks, but is not contemplated by industry standard Asset Management systems.

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