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Wastewater Utility Management Software | Utility Cloud

Wastewater Asset Management

Wastewater utilities face rising costs, aging infrastructure, strict regulatory requirements, population changes, and a quickly changing workforce.

Solutions for the wastewater industry’s biggest asset management challenges

Digital Plant SOP

Update your SOP automatically and capture your team's expertise for the long-term.

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Compliance reporting

Use data from the field, monitors, and sensors to auto-generate and publish any kind of report.

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Fats, Oils & Grease Management

Manage participation, organize inspection data, avoid SSOs, and dispatch reinspections.

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Focus on managing your costs, not your data

“We reviewed at least six software solutions. Most of the asset management programs out there can be customized for what you need. We went with Utility Cloud because it’s specifically tailored for water and wastewater systems. It already did what we needed without any customization at all.”

Southbridge MA

Steve Gregoire

One of the best things about Utility Cloud is it’s so easy for people in the field to use. It’s a lot more user-friendly than the others I've worked with – and I've worked with a handful of them. And for me, personally, just having that knowledge and that database of information at my fingertips whenever I go out into the field definitely makes my job easier.


Kaleb Stephens
Environmental Health and Safety Auditor

Efficiently manage your wastewater programs


Wastewater Utility Management | Utility Cloud

Automate DMR and other reporting requirements

Stay ahead of compliance – complete reports on autopilot while staying alert of exceedances or issues ahead of schedule – we simplify even the most complex compliance requirements, including tackling the challenges of sampling workflow.

Wastewater Utility Management - Compliance Reports

Keep your plant running at full capacity

Perform preventative maintenance work on schedule or based on asset condition – keep your SOPs and O&M manual up-to-date and organized through a digital platform that captures your key processes, warranty information, and more.

Wastewater Utility Management - Geospatial diagnostics

Run an effective FOG program

Keep your community in compliance with FOG in order to keep your plant running effectively for the long term – avoid pipeline clogs and mechanical failures at the plant, while enforcing best practices with FSEs.

Wastewater Utility Management - Digital O&M

Simplify administrative tasks

Any compliance report, operational round, work order, sampling exercise, or other operational task that is being managed on paper or in excel is taking you too much time and is prone to error – let us help transition you to our operations platform to keep you organized and efficient.

Need help solving your wastewater challenges?

Bring us your biggest wastewater utility challenge and we’ll show you how you can solve it with Utility Cloud.

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