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Powerful Water Utility Asset Management Software

Drinking Water Asset Management

Identify public health and safety threats early, simplify compliance activities, identify missed revenue opportunities, and get more out of your workforce.

Solving the water industry’s most challenging problems

Non-revenue water management

Measure and quantify water loss, recapture lost revenue.

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Unidirectional hydrant flushing programs

Coordinate crews in real-time and use predictive maintenance to avoid hydrant failure.

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Hydrant inspections and maintenance

Collaborate with stakeholders, departments, agencies, customers and your crews. 

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Compliance reporting: DMR, MOR, CCR, MS4, LCR, BMP

Use data from the field, monitors, and sensors to auto-generate and publish any kind of report.

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Digital operations & management

Keep all of your SOPs, drawings, equipment info, warrantees, safety protocols, and compliance requirements updated.

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Plant standard operating procedures

Update your SOP automatically and capture your team's expertise for the long-term. 

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Backflow Prevention

Use geospatial technology to schedule work and report on data in-real time.

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Modernize your operations management and compliance practices

Utility Cloud’s operations management platform was built specifically for optimizing water operations, with the aim of automating process, data collection, and reporting on your critical infrastructure.


We own several small water systems across several states. Utility Cloud helps us ensure proper maintenance is done in a timely manner to be in regulatory compliance.


Kaleb Stevens
Environmental Health and Safety Auditor

Utility Cloud is easy to use, is easy to set up, and they've got guys that understand the industry. Plus, it’s a web-based, mobile system.

Woodard and Curran

Andy Crawford
O&M Asset Management Services Manager
Woodard & Curran

 Highly configurable for every treatment and distribution system


From drinking water quality management to flushing programs, Utility Cloud handles the most complex and pressing issues facing water utilities. We work with your team to identify objectives across water leakage, sampling and reporting, and plant efficiency to create value that you can measure.

Non revenue water management reclaim

Avoid missed revenue opportunities

From administering cross-connection programs to identifying non-revenue water, Utility Cloud is here to help you capture revenue for both the work your crews perform and the clean water you deliver to your communities.

Utility Compliance Reports - LIMS Integration

Stay on top of water quality issues

Administer Lead and Copper sampling programs, deliver CCRs, produce MORs, and facilitate any compliance initiative with our intuitive yet powerful cloud-based platform.

Cross Connection Control - GIS

Keep your plant running at full capacity

Perform preventative maintenance work on schedule or based on asset condition – keep your SOPs and O&M manual up-to-date and organized through a digital platform that captures your key processes, warrantee information, and more.

CMOM Program - Capital Planning-01-01

Simplify administrative tasks

Any compliance report, operational round, work order, sampling exercise, or other operational task that is being managed on paper or in excel is taking you too much time and is prone to error – let us help transition you to our operations platform to keep you organized and efficient.

Need help solving your water challenge?

Bring us your biggest water utility asset management challenge and we’ll show you how to solve it with Utility Cloud.

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