Operations management software built for compliance

A modern platform to facilitate field work, inspections, and reporting for regulated industry.


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Powerful. Intuitive. Configurable.

Manage data, work, safety, and compliance reporting across vertical plant and distributed field assets.


Utility Asset Management Software | Utility Cloud

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Operations management for the modern utility



Identify risks before they become system failures

Avoid compliance failure with real-time data monitoring across people, machines and sensors, and other enterprise systems such as LIMS

Stay compliant with permits, procedures, and regulations

Automate the completion and submission of compliance reports using the exact field data your crew collects. Create custom alerts to trigger as issues arise.


Plan Capital Upgrades

Develop a deep understanding of your infrastructure with holistic condition ratings and calculations based on asset attributes.


Reduce health and safety risks

Create powerful workflows and reports for your compliance objectives.


Eliminate bad data and operator error

Leverage digital SOPs, manuals, and layouts helping standardize complex work.


Allocate your crews wisely

Use dynamic routing to prioritize and assign field work to the assets that need it most. 

The real ROI is in the time we save in the management of data. Before we only had one guy that could do anything on a map and that produced a bottleneck. Now we’re able to increase our service by allowing people to map and enter data themselves, and then join our operational data and be able to do analytics. That increase in service is what we really appreciate.

Andy Crawford
O&M Asset Management Services Manager
Woodard & Curran

“I have a lot better connection to what's happening out in the field. Before, if I didn't talk to people directly and go hunt down the information, I didn't always know what was going on. Now through data capture, I really have a good feel for what's going on in the system, and how we're progressing with our work. Utility Cloud’s great.”

Steve Gregoire
Southbridge Water Department

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Highly-configurable, easy-to-use asset management that helps you distribute work, report on maintenance, and streamline compliance reports.
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