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Avoid the Cracks

Andy Crawford
Nov 3, 2022 9:16:26 AM


Professional service affords us the opportunity to speak with many organizations, many of which suffer from issues that “fell through the cracks” or got missed. Some common factors that influence this end result are poor communication, lack of clear roles and responsibilities, or simply juggling too many things! Much of this can be resolved by formally mapping business processes.

Documenting Processes are important

Every team has processes to handle its operations. Many teams develop these processes on the run, not taking the time to review or optimize them. This results in a fragmented understanding of the process through different levels of the organization. That creates accountability issues when the responsibility of an issue falls through the cracks.

Implementations improve business processes

The adoption of new software is an inflection point for these processes. Many leaders know that they have risks in the unmanaged controlled chaos of these processes and eventually hit a scale point when they need to streamline. A software implementation is one way to do that, however, most software platforms have a predefined process they expect you to follow.

The real world is a complex place, and your processes may require something extra. Maybe your organization has an energy efficiency program or an employee health initiative. Either way, to accomplish the ultimate goal as a team, you need to be able to adjust your processes.

Utility Cloud is flexible enough to wrap around your process and adapt to your needs. During implementation, our implementation team facilitates workshops to understand your business processes. We document them through swimlane analysis to ensure that information is flowing to the correct role at your organization. Through our workshops, we find that customers use this opportunity to adjust and optimize their processes to meet their full needs as an organization.

Automations maintain those processes

The key to maintaining a process is automation. Organizations need tools that they can trust to ensure proper flow of information and responsibility. Utility Cloud accomplishes that, primarily through the use of our work order triggers. This feature automates notifications, data updates, and follow-up tasks.

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