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How Utility Cloud worked with a client and their state EPA to change regulation from paper to electronic logbooks

Amber Buckhahn
Jun 1, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Each state’s legislation may be different when it comes to what can be maintained as a system of record. In Ohio, laws did not explicitly state that digital records could be used, so they were required to use paper processes which are quickly becoming outdated. Paper processes also hinder efficiency and accuracy of the data coming in from the field.  

In May, Southwest Regional Water District in Hamilton, Ohio put in a petition to have the legislation changed, and Utility Cloud partnered with them to help get it passed. Together, the two presented Utility Cloud’s platform to Ohio’s EPA (OEPA) representatives.  

The goal of the presentation was to achieve the following: 

  • Allow OEPA the opportunity to view and assess how the Utility Cloud platform could be used as the system of record. 
  • Demonstrate how utilities leverage Utility Cloud to assist in managing assets, operations, and compliance initiatives. 
  • Ensure Utility Cloud could operate within the OEPA’s compliance standards when it comes to reporting and compliance initiatives. 

Key features demonstrated that appealed to OEPA: 

  • Audit Trail – track any changes made assets or workflows providing a thorough log of every activity 
  • Asset Details - store attributes, work history, documents, or any file type on the asset digitally – accessible to the field  
  • Triggers – Automate alerts, follow up actions, and maintenance work orders 
  • Security Rights – Restrict editing privileges to manage the integrity of the data entered 
  • Google Reports / Excel Add-In – Automatically generate PDF reports in-line with state regulation.  

A few weeks later, Southwest Regional Water District learned they were the first Utility in Ohio to be granted permission from the OEPA to use electronic bench sheets to manage their operations. They can now fully migrate away from paper documentation and will be using Utility Cloud for all their asset management, operations, and compliance needs. Utility Cloud has since helped Southwest Regional save time on generating reports and also provides visibility into their operational data.  

Hat’s off to SW Regional’s team for putting in the effort to drive a modern-day approach for managing their infrastructure! 

Download the case study here.

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