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On-Demand Skills Series

Our Skills Series are designed to teach you real, tangible, skills you can start using in your daily operations right after. Some future sessions will eligible for continued education credits. Our goal is to provide you exclusive access to tips, approaches, templates and more from skilled utility industry experts – and they're completely free. 

Session schedule

Live sessions are held on a monthly basis. Dates are announced two weeks prior to the session. This schedule is subject to change at any time, and may be adjusted to accommodate popular demand.

September 24,  2020
Session 3: Lead & Copper testing
Implementing an effective testing program

October 2020

Session 4: Non-Revenue water
Quantifying your system leakage

November 2020
Session 5: Meter Changeouts
Upgrading your meters for clear understanding of water usage

December 2020
Session 6:
Cross-connection control
Managing a best-in-class backflow program

Skills Session 1: Unidirectional Flushing

Unidirectional Flushing Programs

Session 1

UDF programs shouldn't be intimidating. From asset management to communicating to customers – learn the process of configuring a best in class UDF program in 5 easy steps. Includes two checklists, a velocity calculator, communications template and flushing worksheet.

Ask an Expert - Asset Management Best Practices_Ask an Expert- Marius Basson

Asset Management best practices

Session 2

We're joined by Marius Basson, Jeffrey Sanford, and Kristopher Hahn from Aladon – a global community of risk and reliability experts. In this session, we answer questions like:

  1. What is Reliability-Centered Maintenance and why is it important?
  2. What questions should you answer in order to build an effective asset management plan?
  3. How do get started with asset management? Where do you focus first?
Utility Cloud - Skills Series - A water utilitys guide to lead and copper rule (1)

Lead and copper rule

Session 3 - Thursday, Sep. 24

We're joined by drinking water expert, Megan Glover, to get expert advice for helping your utility stay ahead of the Lead and Copper Rule. You'll walk away with actionable advice to add to your playbook so you can plan, execute, measure and manage a successful Lead and Copper program for your utility. In this session, we'll answer questions like:

  1. How do I create an actionable LCR program plan?
  2. What are the requirements for program execution?
  3. How do I get support from stakeholders?
Utility Cloud - Skills Series - Coming Soon

Non-revenue water

Session 4

More details coming soon. Sign-up to get notified as soon as the session is announced. 

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Technology Trends in the Water Industry | Utility Cloud-01

Industry Whitepaper

Technology Trends in the Water Industry: 2020

This report summarizes findings from our industry survey of water & wastewater utilities to answer questions about the current state of technology adoption in the water industry and the most pressing challenges water utilities expect to face in 2020.



Guide to Mobile Workforce Management

For many organizations, mobile connectivity in the field is essential to everyday work performance and mobility. Learn how to avoid costly data connectivity issues, increase efficiency and future-proof your workforce.

Buyers Guide to Asset Management


Buyer's Guide to Asset Management Software

There's a ton of information to filter through when looking for an asset management software solution. This executive guide will teach you critical success factors, important features to look for in a solution, and provide industry expert tips for your search.

Water Utility Asset Management Plan


How to Create your First Water Utility Asset Management Plan

From completing asset inventories and assessing best practices to implementing tools and workflows, there's a lot that goes into building a solid asset management plan. This executive guide teaches you how to create your first water utility asset management plan, and set you up for success.

Case Studies & testimonials

See how water industry professionals use Utility Cloud's Enterprise Asset Management solution to tackle their biggest reporting, compliance and operational challenges.


Testimonial | Wastewater

Central States Water Resources

Central States Water Resources (CSWR) provides water and wastewater management facilities for underserved communities in the middle of the country. CSWR uses Utility Cloud to assign and manage work for various contractors, ensure maintenance is complete and reported on for regulatory compliance.

Cover__Woodard and Curran-min

Testimonial | White Label

Woodard & Curran

Woodard & Curran is a leading water and environmental engineering firm that helps cities and companies all across the country with water and wastewater compliance. With 350 personnel across 50 projects, they needed a mapping solution to help their field contractors precisely locate, perform maintenance, and report on linear and vertical assets.

Southbridge Utility Cloud

Testimonial | Water & Wastewater


The Town of Southbridge Department of Public Works serves a community of 15K people, managing its own water distribution, collection, and treatment infrastructure. During that time, they’ve relied on Utility Cloud for managing preventive maintenance and testing programs, assisting with record keeping and streamlining administrative processes by up to 30%.

UC Landing Page Graphic - Southbridge Case Study copy

Testimonial | Water & Wastewater

Salisbury Rowan Utilities

Salisbury Rowan Utilities provides quality water and wastewater services to residential and business customers in North Carolina. With a mission to protect the environment and promote public health, Utility Cloud has helped them reduce the number of customers who are not in compliance.

UC Landing Page Graphic -Robeson Case Study copy 2

Testimonial | Water & Wastewater

Robeson Water

Robeson County is the largest county in North Carolina, and provides an array of services to over 35 towns and cities. One of the key responsibilities of Robeson County’s Water Department is to provide quality water and waste water services through maintaining 13 well sites and 1 waste water treatment plant.


Testimonial | Water

Town of Orleans

Nothing beats experience. But what happens when the people with that experience retire and take vast amounts of institutional knowledge with them?

That was the challenge facing Sue Brown, Assistant Superintendent of the Orleans (MA) Water Department, and why she turned to Utility Cloud’s asset management solution.


Testimonial | Power


Uniper, one of the largest power generators and distributors of energy in Europe, teams up with Utility Cloud to deploy a comprehensive operations management workflow solution.